Palin Email Hacker – Lessons for Business

I figured it would only be a matter of time before something would pop dealing with information security and VP nominee Governor Palin. The news is all over the Internet by now.

If anything, this should be used as a wake up call for any and all businesses. What is the call? Don’t permit web based emails to be used from within the company or from company resources. Even in Palin’s case, it shows some general dialog between Palin and others in the Alaskan government. Additionally, information and pictures of her family were posted on the Internet.

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USB Flash Drives – Friend or Foe?

I remember when USB flash drives came out. It was the coolest thing and so easy. But do these things really help us transport data or hurt us? I came across a couple of articles recently I thought I would pass along…of course with commentary.

First, this one about HP shipping USB sticks with malware. This was an interesting attack vector, which seems isolated to a particular type of HP server. The question is were these USB drives infected inside HP, the manufacturer, or somewhere in between? What steps need to be considered to prevent this from happening again?

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