Pokemon Go – A Very Quick Primer on Security and Safety to Think About

pokemonThe world has a new app that actually gets people off the couch and into the world. These game players actually have to walk and are secretly getting exercise. I wonder if the game maker has a secret agenda to get exercise into people. It just might work. What on earth is going on out there? I’ve already fielded a couple of questions about the security of this app, and of the safety. So I pulled some details together.

A Joseph Bernstein article pointed out that Pokémon Go can tell a lot of things about you based on your movement as you play: where you go, when you went there, how you got there, how long you stayed, and who else was there. And, like many developers who build those apps, Niantic keeps that information.

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Fake Social Media Profiles Being Used

It’s not enough that we have to be careful and watch out for bad emails trying to lure us into clicking links that can steal our information. Now it seems we need to step it up and look out for the social networking profiles too. There are bad actors taking the time to actually create social profiles that look convincingly real. These profiles have been found on LinkedIn, Facebook and others. I have personally seen these come through my Facebook and LinkedIn profile. What tipped me off was the fact I thought I had already been “friends” or accepted connections to a person, when I saw another request come through. Turns out it was not that person, but someone trying to make me think it so. Continue Reading