RSA 2018

Wow. I haven’t written a post here since 2016. That’s hard to believe I have drifted so far away from my writings. I thought the RSA Conference would be a good transition back into my writings on security.

I’m here in San Francisco. The last RSA I attended was probably 2007 or 08. A lot has happened between those years. This venue hasn’t changed much. I’m in a nice hotel and my company was nice to send me.

Today I’m attending the CSA Summit. Not sure what all is covered or if I’ll stay the whole day. More to come.


Jeff Evenson

Jeff is Chief Blogger for Security Friction, writing about the security issues that seem to always have some rough edges when being considered for implementation or integration. Jeff retired from the US Navy as a Chief Cryptologist, worked in the wireless telecommunications and financial sectors. Jeff has spoken at the local college and various community groups.

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