No Duh. Internet-Connected Devices Prone to Attack

“Still, the worst thing about Mirai is that it leverages the horrible security decisions made by a handful of manufacturers of Internet-connected devices.”


This sentence is really an understatement by the author Sean Gallagher in an article published on Arstechnica. It speaks to the global problem in attitude manufacturers have toward security and making secure products. Now a days one would think everyone would have the realization that if something connects to the internet, it is now open game for attack. That’s the world we live in. Let me be really clear—if a device connects to the internet, or is internet aware, it is open for attack. The Mirai IoT botnet attack that occurred last week did nothing more than put a period on that sentence.

Recall the Mirai attack managed to control millions, yes millions, of devices that connect to the internet. Now to be fair, traditional thinking probably permitted that.

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The Internet of Things is Under Attack

You may be asking right now, “What the heck is the Internet of Things?” IoT, as it is also called, is what we call all of our gadgets that are internet aware. These are gadgets that can talk to each other, and to us humans, across the internet. Things like smart TVs, refrigerators, those smart doorbells, botnetsurveillance video cameras, sensors, DVRs, some routers, and other devices. When we buy these devices many of us take them home, or to the office, plug them in and they just work.

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