Lack of User Awareness Hurts Users, Other Users, and Businesses

I read an interesting article in the latest SANS Ouch, Vol. 5 No. 10. It points out the results of a couple of surveys done by McAfee which show many of the 378 computer users interviewed by phone were undereducated when it comes to recognizing threats the Internet poses to their computers and to their personal privacy. Go take a look the article and follow the links to the full report.

The gist of it from my perspective is this…until each and every single user understands the ins and outs of information security, or even the fundamentals of data protection, I will still be able to blog and have a job.

Very few things surprise me when it comes to incidents that are reported because many of them can be traced back to the human element. The one single factor that can bring the best technological protections down to its knees.

It’s time for America to wake up and get over itself. People want our data, public and private, personal and commercial, free or paid. You name it. Someone wants it. People need to accept the fact their businesses and homes are open targets when they jump on to the Internet. The risk is reduced when education and knowledge are tossed up as a level of protection.


Jeff Evenson

Jeff is Chief Blogger for Security Friction, writing about the security issues that seem to always have some rough edges when being considered for implementation or integration. Jeff retired from the US Navy as a Chief Cryptologist, worked in the wireless telecommunications and financial sectors. Jeff has spoken at the local college and various community groups.

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